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We are a Coworking Space for independent and socially minded workers, small business owners, and non-profit leaders who like working around other people.  We provide modern technology, shared resources, the space to get things done, and a collaborative environment to support your creative endeavors right in downtown Paonia.

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Get Connected

Whether they’re gained from our events, workshops or fellow “coworkers,” business resources are just a turn of your head away.

Boost Productivity

The Hive’s new business model for 2018 is designed to enhance your focus and work flow.
Did you know, 85% of entrepreneurs who moved into a coworking space said they are more motivated? Our members experience proof positive!

Be Inspired

It’s more than just a stimulating place to work.  The Hive’s diversity of skills and people; its atmosphere and its energy activate profound ideas and great business.

Grow Smarter

Our flexible membership options allow our members to concentrate on their business instead of start-up minutiae.  Scale as you go.  We’ve got the space and technology for you to succeed.

Ready to Get Started?

The coffee’s hot.  Contact us now to get in the door.  We’ll show you around. 
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