Hive Paonia Member Spotlight: Prema Rose


PPREMA-headshotrema Rose
Prema Rose Productions

Prema Rose is evidence that The North Fork Valley’s creative community is rapidly growing. After 37 years living in the mountains west of Boulder, Prema moved to Paonia this summer to join her son, Michael Rose, and his family who have been in the valley for 5 years.

Prema is a producer and actress who has created the movie production company, Prema Rose Productions. She has co-written and is currently producing the MicroCosmic Cartoon Show: an animated/live action musical feature film. The story tells of a young boy who unexpectedly wanders into The Circus of Life and discovers himself on a quest for self awareness and transformation. The screenplay and music have already won several awards at international film festivals.
Synopsis Teaser for the production:

Prema first came to the Hive this summer to seek professional support with her production. As a Hive Connect Member, she has been learning new tools and skills, making connections, and building relationships that are moving her business forward. She is currently gathering a team of other talented likeminded people who – in her words – “see the need for transformational media in an industry glutted with violence”

microcosmic“We need to give our youth (of all ages) hope and inspiration that we have harmonious choices for our lives. Bringing delight and depth of understanding through the cinema is a powerful medium to reach wide audiences around the world”.

Her background: Prema was born into a theatrical family in N.Y.C. where she began her career in the theater as an actress at fourteen years young.  After playing on Broadway, TV, and film, as well as prominent regional companies, she was catapulted into a spiritual journey around the world for seven years, culminating in serving humanity as a midwife for twenty-five years. She has four children and six-and-a half grandchildren and is enjoying being close to two of them in Paonia.
Prema is interested in hearing from members who resonate with the MicroCosmic Cartoon Show. At this time, she is looking for an individual with social media marketing skills, an office manager, an local entertainment lawyer, and, of course, those who wish to make a donation or invest in this ground-breaking movie.

If you fit the bill for any of these roles, bee in touch with her at


Hive Paonia Member Spotlight: Dave Knutson


Hive Member Spotlight: Dave Knutson
HR Geek

Dave Knutson Hive Head Shots-4495-2It really helps to have a human relations geek at your coworking space. These people seem to intrinsically understand the power of sharing, collaboration, and socializing in the workplace. They are the absolute best at fostering it.

Dave Knutson is no exception to this. Dave is a Hive Member and Human Resources Consultant who greets every Hive Member with a glimmer in his eye and a “hello” so authentic you can’t help but pause and ponder what was in his morning coffee.

Bored of working at home by himself, desiring a more buzzing social scene, Dave joined the Hive last winter and soon after became a front-desk Host. He currently greets worker-bees and guests at our front desk every other Monday morning.

Dave originally landed in Paonia in 2003 when he came to work as the Minister of Human Resources for Chaco Sandals. Chaco shut down their Paonia operation in 2008 and Dave ended his 5 year reign and began private consulting work. He has clients all over the Pacific Northwest, the Front Range, and in the North Fork Valley.

Beyond HR consulting, Dave fills his life with big projects and passions. He is the President of the Grand Mesa Nordic Council– the group that stewards the extensive cross-country ski trail system on Grand Mesa. He teaches intensive leadership trainings for local community leaders, and is working on his own self-designed research project investigating how people in rural areas like the North Fork Valley make a living.

Dave is as gifted at play as he is at work, and can frequently be found skiing, hiking, backpacking in wild destinations near and far. He also maintains a dedicated Vipassana Meditation practice that he enjoys sharing with friends in the Valley.

His favorite quote that he keeps on his credit card to remind him of the mystery of life:

”Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck” – Dalai Lama


Hive Paonia Member Spotlight: Amy DeLuca


Paradise Theatre of Paonia
Green Lotus Events

Amy Deluca Hive Head Shots-4524

Photo by Ben Lehman

Amy DeLuca is passionately dedicated to serving up enlightening entertainment and fun. A mother, serial entrepreneur, theater director, event planner, yoga teacher, and fashion designer, she wields a host of magic wands.

Amy came to the Hive as many other movers and shakers do: On the wings of entrepreneurial and creative friends who were working and meeting here.

Since her arrival in the North Fork Valley five years ago, she’s directed programming for the Paradise Theatre in Paonia and run her own event planning business.

As the Artistic Director of the Paradise Theatre, Amy works in front of and behind the scenes to bring diverse, quality art and entertainment to the community. She selects the films that are screened, organizes concerts and special events, directs the Paonia Film Festival, and frequently peddles popcorn for the people. The theater is currently running a fundraising campaign “Take a Seat at the Paradise” to purchase the building and expand the facilities.

Alongside her work at the Paradise, Amy does full service event organizing for private parties, festivals, weddings, and fundraisers through her company Green Lotus Events.

Her latest entrepreneurial endeavor: Amy and her husband Frederick are opening a bike shop and juice bar in downtown Paonia. They are transforming the old video store on Grand Ave. into the “Cirque Ciclery & Juice Café”, and will open to the public around the holidays.

Amy in one of her fascinator headdresses after showing her "Head Trip" fashion line at the Paonia Fashion Show, 2015

Amy in one of her fascinator headdresses after showing her fashion line “Head Trip” at the Paonia Fashion Show, 2015

Among the feathers in her cap, (Coincidentally, Amy designs “fascinators” – blinged-out feather and flower headdresses), she was recently recognized by the Colorado Tourism Office as one of Colorado’s Exceptional Frontline Workers.

Contact Amy to plan your next special event

Learn more about Take A Seat at the Paradise 

Paradise Theatre Upcoming Events & Movies

Hive Paonia Member Spotlight: Teresa & Scott Shishm


Hermit'sRestLike many who have had a brief taste of Paonia, Teresa and Scott Shishm were asking themselves: How can we get back here? After living in the North Fork from 2001 to 2006, and then Durango for 9 years, Teresa returned to the valley this summer with Scott to begin a new chapter. They are both boot-strapping entrepreneurs. Teresa has her own graphic design company and Scott is a Physical Education Instructor and Bike Mechanic who just opened a bike shop, Shish KaBikes in Paonia. They have a 4-year-old daughter Sonora who is in her first year of school at North Fork Montessori.

As Hive Members, Scott & Teresa have been networking, learning, and collaborating with the Colony to develop their businesses.  Teresa rarely misses a Hive Work Sprint or workshop, and Scott was last seen at the Hive gathering feedback on his bike shop ambitions from a full house of Hive Members at a Coffee Collider last week.  Teresa also joins us as a front desk Host on Tuesday mornings!

Teresa Shishm Hive Head Shots-4450

Photo Credit: Ben Lehman

Teresa Shishim has designed and implemented online and print communication for businesses and nonprofits for over 15 years. Her diverse background includes industry and non-profit experience, software development, animal welfare, river restoration, energy efficiency, environmental consulting, and holistic healing. She created her first web site when she was 14, and she has been involved in creative work and design ever since. You can see a sampling of her most recent work for Paradise Theater in their upcoming “Take a Seat at the Paradise” fundraising campaign. Follow Teresa’s work on her Blog at Yoka Design.


shiska bikesScott Shishim has been a bike fanatic since he was a kid. He learned basics of bike maintenance at an early age from his father and has “wrenched” ever since. His passion for cycling led him to Durango, where he raced for Fort Lewis College and honed his skills at Durango Cyclery working with professional Wrenches. He attended SRAM Technical University and worked on the full gamut of road, mountain, BMX, cross, touring, townie and kids bikes. Scott shares his love of cycling with kids and has coached junior mountain biking through DEVO in Durango, developed after school mountain bike clubs, and taught Physical Education for six years with a cycling program for kids 3 to 13. He is excited to realize his dream of opening a bike shop and bring this experience to Paonia, Colorado to put it on the bicycling map. Check out Scott’s shop, Shish KaBikes, located at 202 Poplar Ave in Paonia. Open Tues-Fri 10-6 & Sat 10-4. 


Hive Paonia Member Spotlight: Patti Kaech


Patti KaechShe rides a green bike with fake roses on it’s basket and has already tweeted about the farm to table dinner before it’s over. She has big bold ideas, and always seems to know the inside scoop on the latest and greatest small-town happenings. Recently, she’s become obsessed with tiny houses and is blogging about them in great detail alongside her ponderings on the splendors of veganism and camping with children. That’s Patti Kaech, scribe and founder of Tink, Peter,and Ladybug: A green lifestyle blog.

Patti moved to Paonia three years ago from Crested Butte and landed at the Hive at its grand opening in spring 2014. She is currently a front desk host at the Hive on Wednesday afternoons where she’s often found bee-ing the “Great Connector”, helping members and visitors discover opportunities and make new connections.

“I came to the Hive for the vibe. I love being around other people who working on interesting projects and bouncing ideas off of each other even though we work in different industries. The community and focus on active membership keeps me motivated, and moving forward on my work.  Plus, it’s awesome how multigenerational it is. We have young hipsters…and grannies like me!”

Patti has a BS in International Marketing from San Francisco State University and has worked as a Real Estate Broker, Corporate Communications VP, Business Manager of a Ski Clinic and a Development Director at KVNF.  She’s recently joined the Board of Directors of the Western Slope Conservation Center and her spare time is spent camping, hiking, cross country skiing and enjoying the Colorado lifestyle.  She lives with her nine year old daughter, Ellie, in Paonia and visits her older kids and grand kids in Crested Butte often.

One of Patti’s passions is zero-waste living. She asks you consider…”Why use a plastic bag next time you’re at the grocery store? Reusable bags are easier and more ecological. Plastic is the kiss of death for so many things.”

Read Patti’s most recent blog post “Top Ten Summer Sanity Saviors”.

Hive Paonia Member Spotlight: Alicia Michelsen


alicia learning counciAlicia Michelsen is on a mission to support life long learning. Since she moved to Paonia 13 years ago, she’s poured her time and heart into creating alternative education programs in the North Fork Valley. Now, as the President of the Board & Program Director for The Learning Council, she is taking it to the next level.

The Learning Council was formed in Paonia in 1984 as a nonprofit with a mission of providing gift education to the community. The organization was inactive for many years, until last year, when, under Alicia’s leadership and vision, The Learning Council was resurrected and transformed into an influential resource in our community.

The Learning Council provides classes for the entire community in music, art, cooking, agriculture, and hand-working — all on a “gift” donation basis.

The Paonia Bike CoOp, Thursday cooking classes at the Trading Post, the Village Building Convergence public street art project, and Embodying Rhythm Marimba Project, the Parade Marching Band, and energy classes with Ed Eaton, are just a few of the offerings this year. Coming soon – they are offering a skateboarding class, a permaculture design course, and rite of passage work for young men and women.

“The Learning Council is focused on feeding our community’s apetite for education, creativity, and life skills, and making this totally accessible to anyone of any age and ability. We love to offer classes at the Hive as it is such a central location and active hub of conscious thought for our valley. The Hive classes have been a great success and we look forward to continuing our relationship with the Hive as a way to empower the colony and share the Learning Council’s gifts
” says Alicia.

Follow The Learning Council on Facbeook & Check out their very full Calendar of Upcoming Classes!

Hive Paonia Member Spotlight: Daniel Gonzalez

daniel gDaniel Gonzalez
Spanish Programs Director, Solar Energy International

Just two doors down from the Hive is the Glennie Coombe Art Gallery where Solar Energy International (SEI) regularly rents a conference room to use for extra classroom space. It’s also an ice cream shop (We’re not complaining…).

This is how Daniel Gonzalez first came to the Hive. Passing by our building frequently on the way to SEI trainings, he was curious about what was happening in the place with the bright yellow walls. The Hive ended up being a stellar fit for him. As an independent contractor for SEI, Daniel has workplace flexibility and enjoys working from many places. The Hive has become one of his new favorite work spots, where he can frequently be found holed up in the downstairs conference room blasting through a deluge of emails.

As the Director of Spanish Programs for SEI, Daniel is leading an international outreach effort to establish solar training programs throughout Latin America, where few solar schools exist and large-scale renewable energy systems are just emerging. His work is vast in scope and changes every day. One day, he’s at the Hive reading technical training manuals, the next he’s jetting down to Mexico to meet with heads of state.”Having a strong community in the North Fork Valley and at the Hive throughout this big, ambitious, unpredictable, and often tenuous project has been invaluable”, says Daniel.

Daniel is the only Chilean living in Colorado’s Western slope (that he knows of). Raised in Chile’s southern coast, he moved to the US in the mid 80’s. In previous years he worked as a PV installer in the Valley, a researcher at Sequoia National Park, as executive director of several foundations and nonprofits, and as expedition organizer for US based groups traveling to Atacama and Patagonia.

Daniel focuses fervently to “make the impossible possible in the world and in (his) life”. He owns an off the grid straw bale cabin in Crawford, CO and likes to travel and spend time outdoors with his three kids “as much as possible”.

Hive Paonia Member Spotlight: Nancy Murphy


nancy murphyWe have a running joke at the Hive that when Nancy Murphy shines her attention on things, they beecome “Nancified.” In other words, they come to life in new beautiful ways.

Nancy is the Monday Morning Host at the Hive and one of our most talented Workshop Leaders. She has an extraordinary gift for generating playful puns and superlatives, many of which have been featured in Hive marketing.

Nancy escaped “the grips of Corporate America” in 2003 to come to Paonia and work as the Marketing Director for Chaco sandals. Before that, she cut her teeth as a Marketing Strategist for companies including BMW, Volvo, the Benetton Group (Italy), and the Olympics.

For the past 12 years she’s helped entrepreneurs navigate the road to success with confidence and ease.

Nancy teaches business marketing at the Hive and the Grand Junction Business Incubator and is also a Small Business Consultant for North Fork Valley businesses. She leads “Marketing Monday” workshops at the Hive on the first Monday evening of every month on topics ranging from branding and defining your target audience, to keeping customers…and her next one Promotions: Driving Customers to your Doorstep, Pt. 1″ on Mon July 6.

Join her at this next workshop, or book a FREE business consulting appointment with her at the Hive through Region 10.

More about Nancy and how she came to bee here in the Hive Member Directory.

Hive Paonia Member Spotlight: Michelle Amiott


michelleMichelle Amiott is a Local Food Systems Innovator and Hive Host Bee.

A year ago, she was deep into a year of service as an AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer for the Valley Food Partnership, living and working in Montrose and Olathe. She loved her work in Montrose, but found herself wanting to be closer to the friendly faces and fertile soil of the North Fork Valley.

After months of straddling many worlds up and down I-133, she asked her employer for the freedom to work remotely and have more workplace flexibility. Her hard work was honored when her wish was granted. She relocated to the North Fork Valley (first living in Hotchkiss, now in Paonia) and started working from farms, libraries, coffee shops…and the Hive.

Promoted from Volunteer to full-time Development Director of the Valley Food Partnership, Michelle is leading local food projects that are creating a more healthy, vibrant community on the Western Slope. She’s currently busy developing a Western Slope Food Hub, coordinating a “FARMacy“, and organizing a “Eat Local Eat Healthy” restaurant initiative in Montrose, among other projects.

“Conversations about food are conversations about health, environment, economies, community, and family. We free ourselves when we feed ourselves!” Michelle says.

This Local Food Solutionary is igniting this important conversation for our community at the Hive and far beyond.

Read more about Michelle’s mission and work in the Hive Member Directory.

Hive Paonia Member Spotlight: Davina van Buren


IMG_1594 (1)Davina van Buren is a Freelance Journalist specializing in food, travel, and environmental reporting. She may have the most epic new member story of anyHive Member.

She came to the Hive last fall on the wings of a Tweet. An avid social media user, she Tweeted that she was moving from Ridgway to Cedaredge. A friend who had heard of the Hive recommended she make the drive to Paonia for a cool work space. Mere hours later, she had booked a tour of the space. She showed up the next week, started coworking, and fell madly in love with the Hive‘s Colony.

Six months later, Davina moved from Cedaredge to Paonia so that she could spend more time with the community she had begun to cultivate here. She is a now a Hive Host welcoming visitors and Members at the front desk every Tuesday afternoon and a total  Workshop Warrior. She’s gone to at least fifteen of the workshops since October– way more than half of the workshops we’ve offered.

She’s also gained new work from beeing at the Hive. Other Members have given her new work referrals that have elevated her Freelance Writing Career.

Davina is the Research Editor for 5280 Home and copywriter for Eat Denver, a nonprofit comprised of 95 independently-owned restaurants in the metro area. Her latest projects include a slideshow of the world’s best via ferrata for Fodor’, Aspen by Air, a feature for Bespoke Concierge and a roundup of Western Slope food artisans for Colorado Life.

VanBurenDavina3When she isn’t writing, Davina enjoys running, cooking, traveling and hiking with her two Dobermans, Deacon and Delilah.