We’re Serious About Our Coffee

By January 19, 2015COWORKING

The Hive is home to several coffee fanatics. We therefore consider it a business imperative to find the most delicious black gold out there and acquire the perfect brewing device that will give our worker-bees the best buzz possible.

With this in mind, we recently asked our friends Heidi and Craig, master coffee roasters at Rock Canyon Coffee in Carbondale “What makes the best cup of coffee?” Their response was no words and all action. They showed up at the Hive for one of our Hive Members Coffee Colliders with a hefty bag of fresh-roasted coffee beans (roasted the day before) and a foreign looking metal thing.

That metal thing was the Moccamaster, a new high-tech coffee device that Rock Canyon swears by. It’s signature feature is a special valve that allows the user to control the steeping time of the grounds. It makes a MEAN full-bodied cup of coffee.

The machine has many parts and is not totally intuitive, so Hive Resident Techie and Coffee-Lover Brodie Kinder took it upon himself to create a short “How-to-Video” for our members on how to use it. Watch, learn, enjoy, and visit the Hive sometime to have the Moccamaster experience!

You can order Rock Canyon’s organic fair-trade coffee beans online; They also occasionally deliver to Paonia. The Moccamaster is available for sale online for $200-$300 through various outlets including Amazon.com.

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