It’s as easy and fun as ever to get work done while traveling if you’re a Hive Member.
paonia coworking

This Coworking VISA Map shows all of the coworking spaces across the world that are part of the VISA network.

The Hive is part of an amazing global network: The Coworking VISA.

Through the Coworking VISA network, Hive Paonia Members can use coworking spaces all over the world for 1-3 days for free!  Active Members of these other spaces can also use the Hive.
Hundreds of coworking spaces are part of this network and we’re excited to see where our Members land and who shows up at our own doorstep. We’re ready for the international parade of digital nomads in Paonia!
How to use the Coworking VISA as a Hive Member:
  1. Search the Coworking VISA Directory for spaces near where you are traveling, or use the handy map. Note that terms vary from space to space with regard to hours of operation, how many days are offered, reservation requirements, etc.
  2. If a reservation is required, contact the space in advance to let them know when you’d like to visit. The space may contact us to verify that you are a Hive Member.
  3. Get in a plane, train, car, or boat and dash off to your destination.
  4. Have a great time getting stuff done amidst another cool coworking Colony.
  5. Repeat steps 1 through 5, perhaps traveling between spaces internationally and taking yourself on grand adventures to unknown places while meeting other smart and creative people who value the freewheeling work/lifestyle.
  6. Come home and tell your fellow Hivesters your stories!