quality coworkingWe want it, good or bad, in any language.  Tell us how to improve the space, as well as the overall member experience, etc.  This is your chance to grumble (anonymously or not) about an unpleasant coworker, request something special for the kitchen, or recommend a product or service that you think we should offer to our members.  You can also tell us how much you love us.  Go for it.
Want to see what’s already on our maintenance and upgrade list before you make a request?  Scroll down to see if we already know about it.
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Active To-Do List:
  • Could we fix the fan in the bathroom and maybe add some air fresheners?
  • The white board was messed up with colored markers during the last art show.  Any chance we could refresh it with another coat of paint?
  • The toilet paper holder in the bathroom is loose.
  • The transition strip on the floor going into the Nectar room is loose.  Needs to be secured again so people don’t trip.
  • When I’m the only one working in the Colony Room working, it’s a little “too quiet.”  Could we get an iPod dock or something to get a little acoustic ambiance going on?   DONE.  PC-BASED SOUND SYSTEM WITH SPEAKERS AND SUB-WOOFER NOW IN THE COLONY ROOM.  ROCK ON!
  • Any chance we could get some cold caffeine options in the house?  Energy drinks and such?   DONE!
  • One of the pool cues in the lounge needs a new tip.  FIXED!
  • The water filter spigot in the lounge is leaking.  REPLACED!
  • One of the focus rooms downstairs is being used for art supply storage.  Any change we could cover the glass or something so we don’t have to look at it when we come down the stairs?  DONE!
  • The upper shelves in the kitchen that hold all the coffee and tea seem like they can’t hold that much weight.  Kinda scary…   FIXED.  IKEA IN THE HOUSE!!!
  • What’s up with all the New Yorker magazines in the lounge?  Could we get a little variety?   JUST DROPPED SOME MANTRA…
  • The internet is slow when a lot of people are working at once.  I know we’re in Delta County, but anything we can do to add some speed would be awesome.  DONE.  WE’RE NOW PUSHING 15-20MB ON WI-FI AND NEARLY 40MB HARD-LINE ETHERNET
  • The focus room is really useful, but sort of uncomfortable.  The light doesn’t work sometimes, and it’s cold.  GOT IT.  JUST ADDED SOME CARPET, WALL ART, AND A LAMP.  CHECK IT OUT!
  • Some of the lights are out downstairs.   FIXED.  THAT WILL KEEP HAPPENING UNTIL WE FINISH THE LED UPGRADE.