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gratitude hive paoniaWhen The Hive was initially conceived in the spring of 2014, the plan was a far-reaching idealist concept with the intention of bringing the community together, attracting new and amazing people from far reaches, sharing resources and ideas, and collaborating on new ways to create a better future for our local community and the world. Because of overwhelming contributions from our members and the community, we’ve already succeeded , and at a reality-questioning speed!

In the spirit of the season, we’d like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to so many people without whom The Hive would not be possible.  In no particular order, we are building a list of gratitude on this page below and thanking people and organizations that have helped us along the way as we reflect on them daily and remember the gifts that they have shared with us.  We will continue adding to the list throughout the season as we seem to never run out of people to thank, so check back here to watch it grow.

Since gratitude is a universal concept and always welcome, please tell us what you are grateful for!  We’re not just talking about The Hive here.  All expressions of gratitude are appropriate and welcome, so please add your comments to the thread below.  Our goal is to create a long and heart-warming list that can be shared throughout the community and beyond.  Thanks for your contribution!

Thank you to all of our amazing Hive Hosts who volunteer your precious time every week to keep our doors open and greet visitors with a smile.  You are fine stewards of both The Hive and of the Paonia community as a whole.  We are so fortunate that you are here…

Thank you to Joanna Calabrese, our charming “Queen Bee,” for your commitment to our space and our members, for being a beacon of professionalism and grace in our community, for always setting the bar high, and for your faith in our important cultural mission.  You have transformed a “lone nut” into a leader and created a movement.

Thank you to John Records for your countless hours and days of consulting, the use of the flat screen TV that now completes our Nectar meeting room, your unfailing support of The Hive, and for your commitment to creating a better world for us all.

Thank you to all Hive Members for your faith and contributions to our collective vision.  You have shaped the Hive into something great and we stand back in awe to watch what you will do with this next.  The world is watching and we continue to be grateful for you every single day.

Thank you to Chris Faison of Boulder Dehydrated Foods for our Verizon mini-tower that now enables Verizon clients to use their phones in Paonia (at the Hive, at least), and for your generous contributions to the North Fork Valley.

gratefulThank you to Vince Fandel and Region 10 for our new digital projector, for funding the KVNF advertising budget for our tech workshops, and for spreading the word about The Hive. Your contributions to the Hive and small businesses across the western slope are having a huge positive impact.

Thank you to Mayor Neal Schwieterman, the Town of Paonia staff, and the North Fork Valley community for supporting our dream to create something great. Our success is yours.

Thank you to Jordan Schevene, our friend and brilliant local filmmaker, for contributing your time and work to The Hive and our community.  Your talent is profound and your gifts infinite.  We look forward to collaborating with you more in the year ahead as only magic and amazement can come from it.

Thank you to John Gavan of Delta County Libraries for your generous time spent consulting us on creating the most technologically-advanced space possible in the North Fork Valley, and for doing everything in your power (which is a lot) to bring Delta County into the modern age so we can compete well in the global economy.

Thank you to DMEA for having the foresight to install high-capacity fiber optic cables throughout Delta thankful all the timeand Montrose which make it possible to bring high-speed broadband internet to our community. Choosing to complete the final mile of this network will attract businesses, create hundreds of new jobs over time, and ensure our economic stability well into the future.

Thank you to Delta County Economic Development for your continued support and encouragement.  Our goals are joined and we are grateful to stand beside you in service to our community.

Thank you to Frederick Zimmer of Elemental Design Build for constructing such a spectacular habitat for our bees to thrive within, for fixing everything and sending us help when needed, and for all the emotional support when challenges arise.  We are so much stronger for having you with us.feeling-gratitude-quote

Thank you to Elsewhere Studios and your inspiring creation of the CSArt Library!  Because of you, The Hive has world-class local art adorning our walls every day and we are so visually vibrant because of what you have created.  Your leadership inspires creativity in all realms of our community and continues to be a thriving example of what is possible.

Thank you to Adrian Hoppel of Adrian Hoppel Websites for blazing the trail of gift economics and making the new story real.  Your leadership has inspired so many to experience the world differently, abandon old belief systems that were preventing our bliss, and to seek new ways of relating to another.  Also, thanks for our awesome Hive website.  You’re incredible…  “This Guy Stopped Charging Clients And He Has Zero Regrets”

gratitude4Thank you to Alexis Halbert and the Paonia Chamber of Commerce board and staff for collaborating with The Hive in its launch, for supporting our endeavors, and for entrusting us with the highly important role of acting as Paonia’s Information Center.  We have met many fascinating people and learned a lot about our community through our relationship with the Chamber.  We look forward to an exciting 2015 spent working closely together for the greater good of businesses in the North Fork Valley and beyond.

Thank you to Nancy Murphy, our generous and thoughtful Hive Host, for calling in Clay MacDonald to rescue us!  Clay, thanks for fixing our door even when the locksmith couldn’t!  What an incredible gift that saved us countless hours and money.  We are truly grateful…


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  • John Records says:

    Thank you Chris Yates for your support of our community through the Hive and many other projects. I really appreciate your vision, good will, resilience and drive. And regarding gratitude, here's a great quote: "If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough." – Meister Eckhart

  • We have a lot of people and organizations to add to this list still. Please add your exclamations of gratitude here and help us spread the thanks and joy!!!

  • Elaine Brett says:

    I am deeply grateful to all of the wonderful people of this community who constantly give their time and resources to make this an incredible place to live.

  • Elaine Brett says:

    I am deeply grateful to all of the wonderful people of this community who constantly give their time and resources to make this an incredible place to live.

  • Patti says:

    Thank you Chris for spearheading a more beautiful world we all know is possible.

  • Chris Faison says:

    Thanks Chris Yates, HIve hosts, and Queen Bee Joanna Calabrese for building a thriving The Hive Paonia. Elaine Brett for your endless resourcefulness, the Town of Paonia and Paonia Chamber for taking real action to benefit the community, The Living Farm for their support & contributions to amazing local organic food, and all of the farmers who have made Paonia and the NFV Colorado's mecca for fantastic produce. It is an honor to bring Boulder Dehydrated Foods here, where the support for growers and the systems that support them is unparalleled.

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