The Hive offers two signature Members-Only events: Colliders and WorkSprints. Members, their guests, and anyone who is interested in Membership, is invited to attend!

Whether your challenges are small or large, confusing or obvious, it helps to get some fresh perspective. Colliders are gatherings where Hive Members spend time requesting and providing help to one another, solving problems and offering advice and perspective. Collider’s supply useful, practical, conversations which provide a great way to connect beyond typical chit chat. The Hive Member who is in the “Hot Seat” (receiving input) is different at every Collider. We rotate Coffee Colliders with Cocktail Colliders every other week Tuesdays (Coffee) and Fridays (Cocktails). Find the date of the next Collider on our Events Calendar.
Hive Members: To request the Hot Seat for an upcoming Collider, email 

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Amidst an endless barrage of digital distractions, it’s sometimes hard to get in some good healthy focus time. During Work Sprints, Hive Members gather to set aside some time to really focus on what we need to get done and keep each other in line so we’re not tempted to stray. As a Hive Member, you can join for a Work Sprint or run your own whenever you’d like. It’s super simple but extremely powerful. Find the date of the next Work Sprint on our Events Calendar.
Hive Members: To run a Work Sprint, email your ideas to