Hive Paonia Member Spotlight: Daniel Gonzalez

daniel gDaniel Gonzalez
Spanish Programs Director, Solar Energy International

Just two doors down from the Hive is the Glennie Coombe Art Gallery where Solar Energy International (SEI) regularly rents a conference room to use for extra classroom space. It’s also an ice cream shop (We’re not complaining…).

This is how Daniel Gonzalez first came to the Hive. Passing by our building frequently on the way to SEI trainings, he was curious about what was happening in the place with the bright yellow walls. The Hive ended up being a stellar fit for him. As an independent contractor for SEI, Daniel has workplace flexibility and enjoys working from many places. The Hive has become one of his new favorite work spots, where he can frequently be found holed up in the downstairs conference room blasting through a deluge of emails.

As the Director of Spanish Programs for SEI, Daniel is leading an international outreach effort to establish solar training programs throughout Latin America, where few solar schools exist and large-scale renewable energy systems are just emerging. His work is vast in scope and changes every day. One day, he’s at the Hive reading technical training manuals, the next he’s jetting down to Mexico to meet with heads of state.”Having a strong community in the North Fork Valley and at the Hive throughout this big, ambitious, unpredictable, and often tenuous project has been invaluable”, says Daniel.

Daniel is the only Chilean living in Colorado’s Western slope (that he knows of). Raised in Chile’s southern coast, he moved to the US in the mid 80’s. In previous years he worked as a PV installer in the Valley, a researcher at Sequoia National Park, as executive director of several foundations and nonprofits, and as expedition organizer for US based groups traveling to Atacama and Patagonia.

Daniel focuses fervently to “make the impossible possible in the world and in (his) life”. He owns an off the grid straw bale cabin in Crawford, CO and likes to travel and spend time outdoors with his three kids “as much as possible”.

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