Hive Paonia Member Spotlight: Dave Knutson

By October 22, 2015FEATURED MEMBERS

Hive Member Spotlight: Dave Knutson
HR Geek

Dave Knutson Hive Head Shots-4495-2It really helps to have a human relations geek at your coworking space. These people seem to intrinsically understand the power of sharing, collaboration, and socializing in the workplace. They are the absolute best at fostering it.

Dave Knutson is no exception to this. Dave is a Hive Member and Human Resources Consultant who greets every Hive Member with a glimmer in his eye and a “hello” so authentic you can’t help but pause and ponder what was in his morning coffee.

Bored of working at home by himself, desiring a more buzzing social scene, Dave joined the Hive last winter and soon after became a front-desk Host. He currently greets worker-bees and guests at our front desk every other Monday morning.

Dave originally landed in Paonia in 2003 when he came to work as the Minister of Human Resources for Chaco Sandals. Chaco shut down their Paonia operation in 2008 and Dave ended his 5 year reign and began private consulting work. He has clients all over the Pacific Northwest, the Front Range, and in the North Fork Valley.

Beyond HR consulting, Dave fills his life with big projects and passions. He is the President of the Grand Mesa Nordic Council– the group that stewards the extensive cross-country ski trail system on Grand Mesa. He teaches intensive leadership trainings for local community leaders, and is working on his own self-designed research project investigating how people in rural areas like the North Fork Valley make a living.

Dave is as gifted at play as he is at work, and can frequently be found skiing, hiking, backpacking in wild destinations near and far. He also maintains a dedicated Vipassana Meditation practice that he enjoys sharing with friends in the Valley.

His favorite quote that he keeps on his credit card to remind him of the mystery of life:

”Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck” – Dalai Lama


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