Hive Paonia Member Spotlight: Melanie Jean Williams


Melanie JeanMelanie Jean Williams, a native of Las Cruces, NM, left the traditional career path at the age of 27 in full pursuit of all things musical.

Here’s how it happened. After teaching elementary music for 5 years in NM, she was invited to tour with Gabrielle Louise¬†and The Dames who brought her to Paonia for the first time. After falling in love with the town and it’s wonderful people, she found the courage to make a life change and move up here.

After a few months, she entered the work-trade scene at the Hive (as a Hive Host at our front desk), Studio Bija Yoga, and the Trading Post. Now, she tours with musicians of all genres fine tuning her craft as a harmony singer, electric bass player, and percussionist. As a versatile support musician, you may find her in heels or in cowboy boots, but she’s always wearing a contagious smile!

You’re invited to her two upcoming shows in Paonia!

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