Hive Paonia Member Spotlight: Prema Rose

By November 8, 2015FEATURED MEMBERS

PPREMA-headshotrema Rose
Prema Rose Productions

Prema Rose is evidence that The North Fork Valley’s creative community is rapidly growing. After 37 years living in the mountains west of Boulder, Prema moved to Paonia this summer to join her son, Michael Rose, and his family who have been in the valley for 5 years.

Prema is a producer and actress who has created the movie production company, Prema Rose Productions. She has co-written and is currently producing the MicroCosmic Cartoon Show: an animated/live action musical feature film. The story tells of a young boy who unexpectedly wanders into The Circus of Life and discovers himself on a quest for self awareness and transformation. The screenplay and music have already won several awards at international film festivals.
Synopsis Teaser for the production:

Prema first came to the Hive this summer to seek professional support with her production. As a Hive Connect Member, she has been learning new tools and skills, making connections, and building relationships that are moving her business forward. She is currently gathering a team of other talented likeminded people who – in her words – “see the need for transformational media in an industry glutted with violence”

microcosmic“We need to give our youth (of all ages) hope and inspiration that we have harmonious choices for our lives. Bringing delight and depth of understanding through the cinema is a powerful medium to reach wide audiences around the world”.

Her background: Prema was born into a theatrical family in N.Y.C. where she began her career in the theater as an actress at fourteen years young.  After playing on Broadway, TV, and film, as well as prominent regional companies, she was catapulted into a spiritual journey around the world for seven years, culminating in serving humanity as a midwife for twenty-five years. She has four children and six-and-a half grandchildren and is enjoying being close to two of them in Paonia.
Prema is interested in hearing from members who resonate with the MicroCosmic Cartoon Show. At this time, she is looking for an individual with social media marketing skills, an office manager, an local entertainment lawyer, and, of course, those who wish to make a donation or invest in this ground-breaking movie.

If you fit the bill for any of these roles, bee in touch with her at


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