The Hive welcomes professionals to lead workshops in our space. If you share our vision of growing the creative, entrepreneurial, and small business communities in the North Fork Valley and have knowledge that you are enthusiastic to share in support of this vision, we invite you to partner with us to produce a workshop.  Check out our events page to see some examples of the types of workshops we produce.

If you wish to lead a workshop on a topic outside of the Hive’s core mission of business development – for example, on topics of health, wellness, arts, or entertainment – we invite you to reserve a room and go for it.

If you have a workshop in mind that is in line with our mission and vision, here’s how we collaborate:

The Hive’s part: We provide the space for the workshop free of charge and work feverously to fill the room. We invite all of our Members and advertise the workshop through our website, email newsletter, social media, a poster, and a newspaper or radio ad. We help you set up the space and equip you with any technology that you need to shine.

The Workshop Leader’s part: You thoughtfully prepare and masterfully facilitate the workshop! In preparation, you send the Hive all of the necessary information needed to advertise (title, date, time, workshop description, photo, bio) at least one month in advance of the workshop and take time to personally reach out and invite your network. At the very end of the workshop, you distribute a short paper survey to all participants so that you and the Hive can benefit from people’s feedback. If you aren’t already a Hive Member, we ask that you join the Colony and become a Member before you lead a workshop. Check out the various membership options here.

Owning the success: For workshops with 5 + registrants, the Hive will pay workshop leaders $35.00 plus half the registration fees collected. If the workshop has less than 5 registrants, there will be no $35 base pay. For workshops that are longer than 2 hours, or a workshop series where registrants must enroll in two or or more workshops at once, the Hive and workshop leader work together to create a special compensation agreement. Workshops are always free or discounted for Hive Members and typically $20 for Non-Members (for 1.5-2 hr workshop). There is no limit to how many people can attend. More important than earning cash, the Hive’s main intention with workshops is to build our community’s capacity to CREATE and support you in doing this as well. Watch out: You may just end up with some new followers and clients at the end of the production.

All sound good? To get us started, please fill out this short form to tell us your idea for a workshop. Hive Staff will respond within 5 business days.

Workshop Leader Application

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