The Hive Host program was created to ensure that every Hive member and visitor receives the highest level of service and experience at all times, while offering a financial incentive to members that cannot afford the cost of a membership, or for those who see the benefit in meeting a ton of amazing people while representing the Hive each week.

Hive Hosts are members who are willing to represent the Hive in half-day shifts in exchange for free or discounted memberships.  Hosts are asked to sit at the Host desk at the front of the building during their shift and represent the Hive during that time.  They are welcome to continue working on their own projects when not interacting with members and visitors. Hosts also attend a one-hour Host meeting every month to check in with their fellow hosts and Hive staff about Hive happenings.

Hosts are key to the success of The Hive, and their responsibilities are similar to a high-end business concierge.  Hosts are responsible for creating and maintaining a healthy and productive work environment for the members, facilitating connections, greeting and assisting visitors, and providing excellent customer service.

Hosts open and close the space, greet members and visitors and are the first and last point of connection during a members’ stay.  Hosts will also represent The Hive to the broader community when we offer events, at external gatherings, and virtually, on the Internet.

We seek applicants who will maximize positive impact, have an infectious attitude, good self-awareness, a charitable mindset, optimism, trust and a long-term view of success. We believe in enlightened hospitality so applicants must have a passion for service and a non-compromising outlook that will lead them toward creative interactions with our members.

If approved, Hosts are offered our monthly Unlimited Membership for only $50 per month in exchange for hosting one half-day shift per week, or a free monthly Unlimited Membership in exchange for working two half-day shifts per week.  While recurring Host schedules are easier, Hosts are able to trade shifts with other hosts to allow flexibility in their schedules.

The Hive adores it’s Hosts and takes very, very good care of them.  If you’d like to inquire about becoming a Host, please contact our space manager and we’ll connect with you soon.