Thanks for attending the Intro to Social Media workshop at The Hive Paonia!

hive paonia social media workshop chris yates

By special request (at the last minute), we recorded the audio and video of the workshop, but our results were limited.  Even with the reduced quality of these recordings, we hope you find it useful.

Below, you will find the slides from the workshop in PDF format for download, the first 2 hours of video from the workshop, and an audio recording.  You can play these directly on this page at your convenience.

Also, we created a separate page with some additional notes that you may find useful, as well as links to many of the sites and tools referenced in the training.  Click here:  Links & Tools

 Download slideshow in PDF format

hive paonia chris yates social media

You can find the audio recording in the player below, but be careful with those eardrums!  This recording has quite a bit of distortion at some points.  Wait for the first minute to pass before you turn up the volume in your headphones!

And, here’s the video recording.  Not our best quality (totally unmanned) and the camera seems to have zoomed-in all the way by itself after about a minute.  It will still serve as a good refresher all the way up to Instagram (when Brodie decided to stand on a rolling chair to take a panoramic photo of the audience – Don’t try that at home)!




Don’t forget to check out the Links & Tools page, and ask any questions you have in the comments box below.

Also, check out the Hive Paonia Upcoming Events page to find out what workshops you can attend soon to improve your knowledge and skills even more!