The Hive Paonia offers 10 private offices within its 5,750SF+ space. Our offices range in size and configuration and can accommodate teams from 2 to 8 people. All offices include wi-fi internet, utilities, 24/7 access, privacy and the security of a locked door, priority booking of meeting rooms, full access to community amenities, and more. Choose also from 2 meeting rooms (by reservation) and 2 privacy booths (first come, first serve) for planned or impromptu calls or meetings.

Please note that demand for our offices may be very high at times and we maintain an active waiting list. To apply for an office and secure a spot on the list, please contact us.

Gear-Outline-01 Wi-Fi Access
Fast wireless internet connection.

Gear-Outline-01 Workstations
Grab a spot at the bar, the lengthy shared coworking tables, a seat in the lounge, or wherever else meets your fancy.

Gear-Outline-01 Restrooms
Spacious, private, and unisex. Plenty of room to change into your yoga clothes for a mid-morning class at Studio Bija or back into your super-suit for a meeting with business guests.

Gear-Outline-01 Kitchen
You’ll find our kitchen stocked with all the essentials, including coffee, tea, filtered water, a refrigerator, sink, and more.

Gear-Outline-01 Supplies
Printer, scanner, copier, fax, paper, staples, pens. We’ve got you covered.

Gear-Outline-01 Presenting (coming soon)
Our meeting rooms are equipped with flat screen TV’s and USB connections for your laptop, and we’ve got a projector and audio surround in the big conference room for large events.

Gear-Outline-01 Privacy
We have 2 private “Focus Rooms” to help with private calls and two-person meetings. They’re yours for 2 hours max, per day. First come, first served.

Gear-Outline-01 Meetings
Our 2 fully-enclosed conference rooms are available for private meetings and can accommodate 8-10 people each. Booking is easy and members receive priority, though meeting rooms are available for use by non-members as well for a fee.

Gear-Outline-01 Lounge
Equipped with sofas, coffee tables, books, games, and more, this is the perfect place for laid back work, a fresh perspective, rest, or a casual meeting.

Gear-Outline-01 Meditation Room  (coming soon)
This sacred space is offered to help you get quiet, clear, and centered any time you may need it.

Gear-Outline-01 Fun
There’s that. We’ve got a mini pool table and a smorgasbord of other outlets. All work and no play…

Gear-Outline-01 Access
Monthly Unlimited and Annual members get 24/7 access. Daily members are welcome 9am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Gear-Outline-01 Security
The Hive door is typically locked after business hours. Members have access via personal pin code or need to be let in by a worker bee.

Gear-Outline-01 Storage (coming soon)
We’ll have lockers for laptops and shoes and things soon enough.

Gear-Outline-01 Welcome Kit
You’ll be a neighborhood VIP with this package full of local goodness. So what’s in it, exactly?  Join us and find out.


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