What’s New in 2015 at The Hive Paonia?

By December 31, 2014COWORKING

hive paonia happy new yearThanks for a spectacular first-year of coworking at The Hive!

As we enter this new year filled with unlimited potential, it’s a great time to reflect on what just happened, what we learned, and how it shaped us.  The Hive took a glorious risk in 2014. When we began, we saw a community made up of amazing people, vast resources, and a surprising cultural separation that created an illusion of scarcity.  That scarcity, we found out, was caused by a lack of communication across invisible lines of separation created by decades of false assumptions about the people that live here.

Our goal was to see what could happen when we smudge those lines of separation, shine a spotlight on the abundant resources that surround us, and find ways to draw very different people together from a place of possibility rather than an attachment to an old story.

Our risk seems to have paid off so far and we have this community to thank for it.  The Hive was named the “Most Exciting and Innovative New Business” by the Paonia Chamber of Commerce, we hosted globally-renowned speakers, room-filling community events, and a wide assortment of workshops to support entrepreneurs, small businesses, and those wanting to increase their knowledge of technologies that would help small town businesses participate well in the global economy.
steve jobs

We have a lot planned for you in 2015!  Here are a few things to look forward to:

  • A new private desk membership option for those who want a fixed space to call their own, but don’t require the privacy of a closed door
  • Opening of the Queen’s Kitchen – a large new upstairs kitchen with workspace and event catering options
  • The unveiling of upgrades to the Colony Room which will include our new digital projector, surround sound, and additional amenities for presenters
  • A new line-up of tech and business workshops, special events, art exhibits, themed “colliders”, community talks, and more
  • Movie nights, where we gather around a film (think documentaries, TEDx, etc.) and host discussions
  • Big improvements to our high-speed internet network and building security featurestedx paonia
  • A full range of member perks to enhance and improve your business and projects in the tech world, as well as special deals and Hive-member-only discounts at area merchants
  • …and we have this dream called TEDx Paonia (more on that later)

We don’t want to be the only ones having fun though.  Post your ideas and requests in the comments below.  We’ll see if we can wave our magic wands and make your wishes comes true!

We have a lot more in mind for the new year and will be sharing more new ideas here soon!  Check back to see what else we have planned and what others want to bring to the Colony!

2015 will be a time of great change and great prosperity.  The Hive is honored to host a part of your adventure!

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